Come sit by me child

I want to share with you the greatest secret

that has ever been shouted from the highest mountain,

sung by every bird, whispered by every leaf.

Falling on ears deafened with thoughts

of wealth, success, fame and fortune,

to be enjoyed by what? This form that you call you,

that will be reclaimed by Mother in the blink of an eye.

Come see with me child.

It is life….Life at its grandest! Take a deep breath,

that is life.  Take a sip of water,

that is life.  See the bird flying over there?  That is life.

The plants, animals, even the planet is alive with this moment.

Can’t you see it?  Can’t you feel it?

Existence has worked very hard to bring you this moment.

Won’t you share it with her? 

This moment is the secret. 

This moment holds everything

Everything you need

All she wants is for you to slow down and take time to notice.

Sit still and notice.

Don’t worry about tomorrow,

for it may never come.

Don’t worry about yesterday,

it is gone.

Sit so very still that your body disappears.

Breathe so very lightly that all you can think of is

breathing as quietly as you can.

In that moment, when your body is gone and

your thoughts are gone,

you will realize that you are existence

You are the bird, you are the leaf, the air and the water.

This body is only a temporary vehicle in which to traverse this world.

You are not of this world.

Others have told you before.

Jesus said, “It is not there, it is within you

Seek and you shall find.  Knock and the door will open”.

It is a narrow path, and rightfully so.

Buddha called it “nothingness” and it is

eternal bliss.  No doing, no desiring, no pain.

Come be with me child

Be still.  Be patient.

Only those intent on discovering what lies in this moment

Will know what lies in eternity.

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