There was a time for kings, there was a time for warriors, there was a time for governments, and there was a time for countries; this is the time for the individual.  The whole existence has been quietly moving towards this single purpose of liberating an individual. Every change in desire, every change in lifestyle, every change in technology, every war, every invention, and every movement across the world has been towards attaining this single purpose; to give back an individual what is rightfully his; his freedom.

The whole world is deluded in believing that the object of our struggles is a better world. The fact is, individuals across the world are tossing and turning in discomfort; this is the reason for our movement, this is why we are creating, this is why we are searching and this is why we are changing.  The existence is shaking itself to a grander realization; it will not rest till each and every individual is free. We are not moving towards a better world, we are moving towards our freedom.

“This is the time for the individual”

So what is this freedom? Is it to live in a free country, is it to have a right to elect a politician, is it to have freedom of speech, is it to follow a religion of our choice; surprisingly it’s none of these. If even one of these things were to represent true freedom, all our struggles would have ended by now.

What we are searching for is something else altogether. Our search is for love and the freedom of its unbounded expression. We are meant to be something, we are here for a purpose; there are no flukes in existence. Everything has been moving towards helping us to get to this point; to help us find our true expression. There is no other better time to begin the search for our meaning and purpose than now. 

Just think about it, how infinitely easy it is for you to freely express yourself today when compared to even ten years ago. The future belongs to those who can find that inner spark of individuality within themselves and express it without fear. They are the ones who will be heard, they are the ones who will be looked up to, and eventually they are the only ones who will matter.

It simply does not matter what is your chosen field of interest. Your stamp of uniqueness and individuality are the only things you leave behind. The phenomenon of you is new. Existence has never produced another you before and the reason for it is obvious; it wanted to create something unique and different, and found its expression through you. All you need to do is be that you, you are meant to be. Everything else is ready to make way for you.

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