Does a raindrop know the sea?

From its source it flees,
But where it goes, it not knows.
Afraid of what living holds.

Doesn’t it know the gay streams,
Bathing among golden beams?
Did it forget the mighty rivers,
To even oceans, an endless giver?

Thinking it’s alone, falling.
Each moment, calling.
For help, for meaning.
Looking to the sky, and pleading.

Doesn’t it know the immense glaciers,
Shaping the lands like a razor?
Did it forget the powerful steam,
A source of energy humanity deemed?

A moment. Then everything stops.
The final destination of the raindrop.
The limited form, no longer.
Expansion, none the stronger.

Memory floods of lives past.
Many a ships’ journeys cast.
The raindrop is the sea.
The end of all mystery.

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