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The single biggest problem that is plaguing humanity is lack of awareness. Just imagine the possibilities of measuring, tracking and improving our individual awareness levels. HAPI is a project aimed at doing just that.

We are on a mission to offer the gift of awareness to individuals and give them keys to their well-being and self-transformation. You can contribute to fund the research & development of this visionary project.

Inner Revolution is a 501(C)(3) public charity registered in the state of Tennessee. Your contributions are tax deductible.

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What is awareness?

Only in moments of awareness, we are fully alive – Avi

For the first time in the history of mankind, we are on a quest to measure the very thing that makes us human – Our Awareness. Awareness can simply be defined as a moment when we are fully available to the experience of the present moment. Awareness is a moment when we are fully conscious, fully alive and fully awake. This might sound surprising, but the fact is, we are very rarely aware of ourselves. Most of the time, we are simply lost in thoughts. Measuring awareness will give us amazing insights into our lives.

Why is awareness so important?

Awareness is important because we learn only during moments of awareness. Everything we know about us and our world comes from momentary glimpses of awareness. It is awareness that makes the learning stick. Awareness is what turns information into knowledge; it is the very source of our intelligence. Without awareness, we would not be able to tell the difference between sleep and wakefulness.

Just because we are awake during the day, doesn’t mean that we are aware. We are asleep in our thoughts almost 98% of the time. Think about this; everything we know, and all our intelligence comes from a mere 2% of awareness. Just imagine what would happen if this awareness were to be increased. All our fears, anxieties, uncertainties and frustrations come from 98% of thought processes that happen during our moments of unawareness. It is impossible to be angry, afraid, sad or depressed when we are aware. When we are aware, we are in our best possible state.

Purpose of HAPI

Human Awareness Project Initiative (HAPI) is a unique endeavor to map, measure, and track our awareness throughout the day in a non-intrusive way. The aim of the project is to precisely identify moments of awareness and unawareness so that we may accurately measure our levels of awareness and improve it over time.

HAPI will change the way we look at human well-being. For the first time, we will be able to accurately measure our state of mind, make necessary changes and transform our lives, all in a completely scientific and systematic way. HAPI will be the future of human intelligence, happiness, relaxation and overall well-being. The possibilities of measuring our awareness levels accurately are mind-numbingly vast.

The ultimate goal of HAPI is to give the power to individuals to understand, learn and transform their lives. If awareness is the foundation of our happiness and intelligence, HAPI will make it possible for us to measure and track this awareness. The single biggest change we can make to transform our lives is increasing the level of our awareness and HAPI is a project to do this in a scientific and accurate way.


Contribute to support the research

HAPI is a 100% volunteer and donor-driven project. Your contributions help us to develop and keep the HAPI research going. We appreciate your contribution to this ambitious project of “Inner Revolution”.

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