Founder’s Message

There is no other joy greater than the joy of service – Avi

 2019 has been a good year for the establishment of the necessary groundwork to spread our vision and mission across America.

This is only our third year in America and we have already begun to receive good positive response for our program offerings.

“Nirvana” was launched as an online program to help people deal with their daily stress & anxiety and cultivate a meditative lifestyle.

“Nirvana” gives people an opportunity to take care of their mental health and wellbeing at the comfort of their homes. The online program will also serve as a good source of monetary funds to expand our in person program offerings in the coming years. 

“Nirvana” is also a part of our fund raising strategy to support our community service programs. 100% of the online program fees collected through “Nirvana” is dedicated to expanding our community service programs reach.

We will continue to expand our program offerings to reach wider audience in the coming years. The funds generated shall be mainly dedicated towards our community service programs.

We launched “Retirement Om”, “Heavily Meditated”, and “10-8 Meditate” free community service programs this year and we will continue to offer these programs in our local communities.

This year we also took a significant step in increasing our online presence. Thanks to Google Adgrants, we have been able to significantly increase our web presence. We have also recognized the importance of online content marketing to offer value and generate interest in the online community.

We have identified stress, anxiety, sleep, depression, success & happiness as key wellbeing concerns to be addressed. We will continue to offer useful information to address these concerns both online and in person.

I would like to personally thank all our supporters and contributors in helping us spread our vision of a stress-free America. Thank you for helping us continue our good work.


Avinash Ramakrishna

Founder & President


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